Daniel Angres, M.D.


Miswired: A Novel

Dr. David Sternn is a physician who has received deep brain stimulation for his treatment resistant depression. He is also an addict in recovery and his psychiatrist, who controls the level of stimulation he gets, is concerned that he may be abusing the process. The two are locked on a collision course that eventually spirals out of control. This novel deals with existing technology that can be helpful but also abused and confronts the sometimes fine line between therapy and performance/mood enhancement.

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Positive Sobriety

A manual that guides a therapist, treatment program, or addicted individual through each important stage of recovery. This includes worksheets that evaluate individual personality styles, motivations for use and elements of happiness, all essential for transforming addiction into enhanced well-being; in other words, a positive sobriety. The manual is referenced and has several useful links for further learning. There is substantial detail as well as briefer sections for quick reference.

One thought on “Daniel Angres, M.D.

  1. A good eye-opening video. People who watch it will surely usntrdeand the sufferings one will face during the rehab treatment. I really felt sorry seeing Todd lying in the coma stage. It is good that he somehow found a good rehab that can help him recover from addiction and make his family feel happy about him.thanks for sharing useful information.

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